Red Flags That Indicate Your Home's Water Well Is In Need Of Repairs

Red Flags That Indicate Your Home's Water Well Is In Need Of Repairs

Red Flags That Indicate Your Home's Water Well Is In Need Of Repairs

2 November 2020
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There are many homes that are not connected to a municipal water source, so they must rely on a well for all of their household's water needs. When a well is drilled properly by a reputable company, it can provide fresh and clean water for many years. However, a water well consists of several components, so just like anything else it can develop problems. The good news is that most water well problems can be repaired, so it is very rare to need to have a new well drilled on your property. Some of the red flags that indicate that your home's water well is in need of repairs include:

Water Smells or Tastes Strange

When a water well is in good working condition, the water that flows through the taps in a home should be pure and clean. However, if a problem develops with your water well, it is possible for the water to taste or smell strange. Weird smells can occur when your well becomes contaminated with bacteria. Contamination or corrosion in your pipes can result in the water tasting off. If you notice that your well water suddenly has a strange taste or smell, discontinue using it and contact a water well repair service to test your well water, diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs. 

Water Pressure Drops Throughout Your Home

A modern water well can provide very good water pressure for your entire house. Thus, if you suddenly notice a drop in water pressure in all of your faucets and showers, it is cause for concern. A drop in water pressure can occur due to a bad valve that needs to be replaced, or a well pump that has developed problems. In the event that there is a drop in water pressure without any explanation, you will need to have your water well repaired.

Mixture of Air and Water

When you turn on a faucet or showerhead, water should flow out promptly. When there is a mixture of water and air, it is a red flag that something is wrong. A few different things can cause a mixture of water and air to come out of the taps when you have a water well. One possibility is a broken pipe connecting the well to your plumbing system. The problem can also be due to the fact that your well pump is not completely submerged. 

Contact a water well repair service for more information.

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