Have Septic Cleaning Services Done On Schedule To Prevent Damage To The Drainfield

Have Septic Cleaning Services Done On Schedule To Prevent Damage To The Drainfield

Have Septic Cleaning Services Done On Schedule To Prevent Damage To The Drainfield

14 February 2023
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Septic systems vary in how often they need to be cleaned. The size of the tank and the number of people in your house determines how fast the tank fills. The tank needs to be pumped out eventually since solids stay in the tank and accumulate. Here's an overview of septic cleaning services.

Call For Service Before The Tank Is Full

One of the most important things to do for septic system maintenance is to call for septic cleaning services before the tank gets full. If you wait until your toilet won't flush or sewage spills in your yard, you could cause clogging and damage to your system. Have your tank pumped on schedule so it doesn't get too full, and remember, if you get a roommate or two, you'll probably need the tank pumped out sooner than your scheduled appointment.

Know The Location Of The Lids

Since a septic tank doesn't get cleaned out very often, grass can grow over the lid or lids and hide them from view. You might even forget where your tank is located. You should try to find your tank and dig the grass and dirt off of the lids so the septic cleaning service doesn't have to hunt for the lids. If the contractor needs to locate the lids, they may add the cost of the service to your bill.

Cleaning Involves Pumping And Inspecting

The septic cleaning service needs to reach the tank, so they'll need access to your backyard, but you don't necessarily need to be home since there is nothing you need to do. The contractor just has to pull a hose to the tank that pulls out the contents and dumps the waste into the pumper truck.

The contractor will probably use a long tool that stirs up the tank and scrapes the solids from the bottom so everything can be vacuumed out. While doing this, the contractor looks for backfill that indicates a clog on the drainfield side of the tank, cracks in the tank, and damaged baffles. If your tank or septic system needs any repairs, they'll let you know and schedule repairs for a later date once you've approved the work.

The tank is usually the only thing that needs to be cleaned out. The drainfield maintains itself as long as solids don't get passed to the field because the tank gets full. If solids pass out of the tank, the distribution box may get clogged, and that requires repairs beyond routine cleaning. That's why it's important to get septic cleaning services done on a scheduled basis rather than waiting until your septic tank is full.

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