Questions You May Be Afraid To Ask Before Septic Pumping

Questions You May Be Afraid To Ask Before Septic Pumping

Questions You May Be Afraid To Ask Before Septic Pumping

2 December 2022
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When you notice signs of a filled septic tank, you should book an appointment with septic pumping professionals. These experts will remove the solid and liquid waste in the tank, making it easy for the tank to function efficiently again. This process also protects your surroundings since no untreated wastewater will leak into the ground.

If it is your first time working with a 24/7 septic tank pumping company, you might have some concerns about the pumping procedure. The key to getting viable information is to ask questions. Here are examples of queries you may ask and their answers.

What Happens During the Pumping Process?

Once you schedule an appointment with the septic pumping team, they will bring in their equipment and trucks. Then, they'll insert the pipes into the septic tank to pull out all the scum. Next, they will work on the sludge layer—often, they have to break it before pumping it out.

Once the pumping process is complete and the tank is empty, a technician will check the outlet and inlet tees to make sure they are intact and will work properly. They may also check the bacteria count and request that you flush the toilets to ensure the wastewater flows into the system. Finally, they'll cover the septic tank and provide a detailed service report.

How Often Should You Pump the Septic Tank?

Although most septic experts recommend that you schedule pumping service after every few years, some factors determine how often you'll need the service. You will need to consider the number of occupants in the residence, the septic system age, and the quantity of sewage that goes into the tank daily. 

For instance, if your house has many occupants, more wastewater will enter the sewage treatment system each day. Since each septic tank's needs vary, you will need a customized septic cleaning schedule.

Does the Pumping Process Lead to the Production of Awful Odors?

You should expect odors while the septic pumpers are cleaning out your tank. But, once the task is complete, the smell will not last long. Besides, the smells are outside, so they'll disperse quickly after cleaning. If you cannot stand the smell, you can take a walk and ask the team to contact you once they finish working.

If you have any questions or concerns about septic pumping, don't hesitate to talk to the professionals. Remember, their duty is to ensure you get quality service and reliable information. This is particularly important if it's your first time working with the company.

Contact a local septic tank pumping service to learn more. 

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