Septic System Information For Homeowners

Septic System Information For Homeowners

Septic System Information For Homeowners

16 November 2020
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While a septic tank system can be common for many areas of the country, homeowners may not be familiar with the process of installing these systems or what is needed to maintain them. This basic information can be vital for anyone that will need to rely on these systems for their home's wastewater.

What Impact Will The Location Of The Septic Tank Have In Its Performance?

The location of the septic tank can be a surprisingly important factor in determining its performance. For example, placing the septic tank system in a low area of the property can promote flooding or other issues as it will be much harder for the wastewater to drain away from the system. Also, you will want to position the septic tank system so that it is away from obstruction or other heavy items that could be positioned on top of it. It is especially important to avoid parking vehicles on top of the system.

Why Will Your New Septic Tank System Have To Be Pumped Regularly?

Pumping the septic tank is an important type of maintenance work, but homeowners may not appreciate the purpose that this will have for the system. Over time, the septic tank will accumulate large amounts of solid waste, and if these substances are not removed, they can cause clogs or other issues with the system. A pumping service will be able to remove these materials from the septic tank. Ideally, this work should be done every few years so that these substances will not be able to accumulate in large enough amounts to cause significant problems.

Why Is It Important To Avoid Pouring Cleaning Agents Down The Drains?

Pouring harsh cleaning agents down the drains can be a serious mistake that homeowners make with their septic tank systems. These systems rely on having a large number of bacteria to break down the solid waste that enters the tank. Unfortunately, harsh household cleaning agents can be strong enough to kill many or most of these bacteria. This can severely reduce the performance of the septic tank system as it will be less capable of breaking down these materials. This can lead to far more frequent clogging and other issues. For this reason, homeowners should typically limit themselves to using cleaning agents that are specifically designed for use with septic systems. They will be gentle enough to avoid harming the bacteria levels in the septic tank while still being effective at cleaning.

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