Have A Septic Pump Problem? Get Help Before You Have Severe Property Issues

Have A Septic Pump Problem? Get Help Before You Have Severe Property Issues

Have A Septic Pump Problem? Get Help Before You Have Severe Property Issues

30 September 2020
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If you are having regular backup problems with your septic system and you have been trying to use home improvement chemical treatments, you may want to call a professional to find out what is going on. Talk with a septic service to see if you have a broken sewage pump, damaged plumbing components, or other problems.

The septic pump is important because it pumps waste to a leach bedding area, and without it the waste that is below the plumbing couldn't get to its final destination. Here are some of the things to discuss with the sewer contractor.

Updating To A More Efficient And Durable Pump

If you know the sewer system is old and you aren't sure the condition of the pump, it's likely that this is what needs to be replaced to fix the problems you're having. When looking for a new pump you want to talk with the experts about getting a unit that:

  • Is properly sized for your tank and waste production
  • Is made with the most reliable mechanical components
  • Has a manufacture warranty
  • Has a backup electrical option

You want a unit that is going to work efficiently without you being concerned, and one where you don't have to make the investment of replacing the pump any time in the near future.

Emptying The Tank And Flushing The Lines

You will need to empty the septic tank and flush out the plumbing lines to be sure that there is a clean path to the tank. This will help to ensure that sewage and waste aren't accumulating on the exterior walls of the septic, and that there will be room for your new pump to do it's job and pump the waste as needed. The experts can inspect the septic system before they begin and as they are cleaning and emptying the tank.

If you have waste overflowing back into your home from your septic tank and you keep trying to treat the problem on your own, you should talk an expert before you have an environmental problem on your hands. This waste could be toxic not just to you and those inside your home, but to your neighbors as well.

There are a lot of different issues and problems that occur over time with septic tanks and pumps or other components. As soon as you notice your pump isn't working or the waste is overflowing, call a sewage repair contractor right away.

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