If Bathrooms Are an Afterthought for Your Outdoor Event, You Will Run into Problems

If Bathrooms Are an Afterthought for Your Outdoor Event, You Will Run into Problems

If Bathrooms Are an Afterthought for Your Outdoor Event, You Will Run into Problems

6 August 2020
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If you are planning to organize an outdoor event, there is one very important thing you cannot leave off your list — portable toilets. While this addition is sometimes an afterthought, if you do not include this addition in your early planning stage, you are likely to run into all sorts of trouble; learn why.

You May Face Permitting Struggles

Do not be surprised if you run into struggles when you obtain permitting. Most municipalities have strict requirements for issuing permits for outdoor events, and those requirements often involve access to restrooms. Access to bathrooms for your attendees is not mere convenience, it is a sanitation and health necessity. During the permit application review, if you do not have portal restrooms listed in the plans, you will likely be required to revise this problem and resubmit the application. 

So Long for Satisfied Attendees

You want your attendees to be happy, especially if you plan to have this event again in the future. If your attendees do not have access to a portable restroom, many of the people who attend will be anything, but happy. Again, access to a restroom is a necessity, so if you do not offer a portable restroom on site, your attendees may see this as a slight and a sign that you are not concerned about their comfort, or even safety for that matter. 

Sales Could Be an Issue

The sales you make at your event may feel less than desirable if you do not have access to restrooms. There is a given that if you plan to serve food at your event, your guests will need to use the restroom. When a guest needs to use the restroom, particularly one with a small child, and you do not have a bathroom on-site, once they leave, they probably will not come back. Once your attendees pack up and leave to find a nearby place to use the restroom, they're likely not to return, which means the money they spend at the event will be limited. 

Get the Help You Need

You can avoid all of these mistakes by partnering with a portable restroom rental company. Once you have the initial plans for your event, the rental company will be able to sit down with you and discuss how many portable units you need, and even where you should install them. A rental company can provide you with all the help you need. 

As you begin to organize your event, make sure you keep restroom facilities in mind.

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