Useful Information About Drains & Cleaning Them

Useful Information About Drains & Cleaning Them

Useful Information About Drains & Cleaning Them

28 May 2020
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Plumbing fixture drains are often neglected by homeowners because they don't know the importance of taking proper care of them. It isn't usually until a drain becomes backed up that a homeowner pays attention to it, but only because it is necessary for to be unclogged. General cleaners can be helpful for clearing the drains out, but sometimes the clogging is too much for general drain cleaning products to work. It is is best for a homeowner to not allow their drains to accumulate a lot of debris if he or she doesn't want to end up with major plumbing problems. If you constantly have to deal with plumbing problems in your house due to clogged drains, the information below might be helpful.

The Need for Regular Drain Maintenance

Maintenance plays an important role in keeping drains in a working order, whether it be the ones in a kitchen sink or bathtub. What happens when maintenance isn't done often enough is debris begins to accumulate in the drains. For instance, if you are someone who doesn't like body hair so shaves it off in the shower, the hair can accumulate inside the drain. Use drain cleaners in your drains every now and then to breakup any debris that has been accumulating, and call a drain cleaning contractor to perform a thorough cleaning every now and then as well.

Fast Ways for Drains to Become Clogged Up

The fasted way for drains to become clogged up in a house is when grease or oil goes down them. Clogging takes place fast because such fluids can instantly thicken up when they get cold, such as from traveling through cold pipes. Pouring grease or oil down a drain and turning the cold water on right after is another way for fast clogging to take place. You should never pour grease products down drains, even in small amounts. A drain cleaning contractor might have to use powerful equipment to get the thickened grease out, as it is difficult to remove.

Signs That the Plumbing System is Backed Up

If you believe that your plumbing system is backed up due to long-term clogging in drains, prompt care by a contractor is important. One sign of a backed up system is when plumbing fixtures fill with water, or if you notice that all of the toilets in your house has bubbling water in them. A backed up plumbing system can cause a mess in your house that possibly damages floors and some of your belongings. 

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