What's Wrong With The Well? Issues That Require Repairs

What's Wrong With The Well? Issues That Require Repairs

What's Wrong With The Well? Issues That Require Repairs

1 February 2020
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Wells are generally taken for granted. If you have one, you probably do not think about it at all. You just use the water you get from it, and that is that until an issue arises. The following shows what can go wrong with a modern well, and what it takes to fix each problem. 

The Well Pump

Wells are doing things that go against the biggest force in nature: gravity. Water flows downhill and rarely does it ever flow up. You are tapping a source of water in the ground that is attempting to go down, and you are forcing it to go up and out of the well. To do that, you need a powerful pump placed near the very bottom of the well that can suck up water and pump it with enough force for the water to reach the surface of the ground and then to a holding tank above ground. 

When the well pump is failing or dysfunctional, the repair technician has to pull it up out of the well, examine it, diagnose the problem, and then determine if you can just replace a part or two, or if you need to replace the pump entirely. Hopefully, it will require just a part or two to fix. Replacing the entire well pump will require another day's work and a big expense for the new well pump installation. 

Clogged Well Lines

Wells are pretty tightly made things these days. It is difficult to get any sort of clog into a well when you see a diagram of a well and how it works. However, that does not mean you cannot get a clog in the water well lines. Large bugs, for example, can fall into the well can cause clogs. Mice and rats looking for a sewer or a drink of water can and often will fall into a well, and then get sucked into the main water well line heading to your house. Big clogs of dirt or other debris that fall into a well could be to blame as well. 

To fix a clog, the repair technician can do one of two things. One, he/she flushes the main water line so that the problem flows backward into the well, or two, he/she excavates around the lines and replaces the lines with new ones. Most people choose the latter since you never quite know what blocked the line in the first place until you see it. 

To learn more, contact your local water well repair services

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