Prepare A Restroom Tent For A Summer Festival

Prepare A Restroom Tent For A Summer Festival

Prepare A Restroom Tent For A Summer Festival

28 January 2020
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If local performers will be singing and dancing during a summer festival, you are likely to draw in a large crowd. As the facilitator of the outdoor event, it is your duty to provide the attendees with basic necessities. If you plan on setting up a food and beverage tent on the grounds where the festival is being held, contemplate creating a restroom area that is adjacent to it.

Project How Many People Will Be Attending

If you have orchestrated social events in the past, use these figures to assist with projecting how many people will possibly be attending the festival. Ticket sales will help you gauge how many people will definitely be attending, but if you plan on selling tickets at the gate, this number is destined to increase considerably.

Collaborate with a customer service agent of a toilet rental company to determine the bare minimum of restrooms that you will need for the social function. It is best to have more restrooms on hand than necessary, so consider increasing the number to guarantee that the patrons' needs will be met, without being required to wait in long lines.

If the grounds contain a small, permanent restroom facility, you can utilize this unit, but you will probably need to employ some people to assist with keeping it maintained. Additionally, you will need to be concerned about the septic tank becoming overloaded. If an influx of people use the restroom facility, the plumbing and septic lines may not be able to support the increase of flushes. If you are wary about using the permanent facility, rely solely upon the portable toilets instead.

Each portable toilet that you rent will be encased in its own metal capsule. Sanitized units will contain a waste tank, which is used to store liquid and solid waste. There is no need to install any type of plumbing or disrupt the property that the festival is being held on. A rental toilet, which is sometimes referred to as a chemical toilet, will not require a septic system.

Simply, have a couple rows of rental units set up and at the end of the festival, request that the rental company dispatches someone to pick up the units and transport them back to the rental business.

Use Signage And Provide Additional Features

Hang signs near both ends of the restroom tent, directing individuals to the portable toilets. Because germs can result in sicknesses, it is imperative that you provide your guests with a viable way to sanitize their hands, after using a toilet. Rent portable sanitizing stations, which each include a foot pedal to turn water on and off, paper towels, and sanitizing wipes.

If children and elderly guests will be attending the festival, look into alternate restroom facilities that will be useful. Rental trailers that each contain a changing area or handicap accessible features will accommodate your youngest and oldest guests.

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