How A CCTV Sewer Inspection Is Helpful In Determining The Sewer Repairs Your Plumbing Needs

How A CCTV Sewer Inspection Is Helpful In Determining The Sewer Repairs Your Plumbing Needs

How A CCTV Sewer Inspection Is Helpful In Determining The Sewer Repairs Your Plumbing Needs

22 January 2020
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When your home has a serious problem with the sewer line, you need to get to the cause of the trouble so you can fix it. Since the sewer line is buried under the ground, you have no way to see what's going on with the pipe unless you have a CCTV inspection done or dig the pipe up. A CCTV sewer inspection is much less expensive and disruptive than digging up a pipe just to examine it. Here's an overview of what to expect with this type of inspection.

Why A CCTV Inspection Is Helpful

A camera inspection of your sewer line records a video as the camera moves through the pipe. You can watch this video along with the plumber to get a look at the condition of the pipe. The camera has a light so it's easy to see things like a gap between joints and a mass of tree roots. You'll also be able to see a corroded pipe that's full of leaks and on the verge of collapse, and you'll know if a pipe has already collapsed or been punctured.

In addition to knowing the exact problem you have to repair, a sewer camera also doubles as a location device so the plumber knows where the damage is underground for a precise point to start digging.

How A CCTV Camera Inspection Is Done

Your plumbing and yard usually don't have to be disturbed to do a camera inspection. Instead, the camera is threaded through an opening in the plumbing such as the cleanout portal located outdoors. The camera is on the end of a long cable so it can be sent through a long length of pipe.

The camera is able to upright itself and provide crisp video so you can always make sense of what you're seeing. You'll be able to see live video, and the plumber may make a copy or capture photos for you to refer to later and compare with another video taken when repairs are complete.

What Kind Of Repairs May Be Indicated

When the camera finds a collapsed part of the pipe, the plumber is able to mark the spot on the ground above in case it's decided to dig and make spot repairs to the pipe. Spot repairs might be done when a pipe joint is coming apart or where a pipe is punctured or collapsed in a small area.

The material the pipe is made of comes into play when the plumber determines the best method of repair. Sometimes the pipe may need to be replaced and that could entail digging up the old pipe and putting in a new replacement. It might be possible instead to pull a new liner through the old pipe without digging it up. The only way to know if lining a pipe is possible is to do a camera inspection first.

Besides those repairs, it's possible the only thing the pipe needs is a hydro jet treatment to get rid of a mass of roots clinging to the insides of the pipe. However, it's also possible that the pipe will need to be patched to keep new roots from coming back.

The decision for the right type of repairs is easier to determine when your plumber can see the inside of the pipe with a CCTV camera. Otherwise, it would be necessary to dig a trench in your yard to expose the pipe just to examine it. For more information, contact companies like JPW PROPERTIES , INC.

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