Three Considerations When Choosing Porta Potties For Your Event

Three Considerations When Choosing Porta Potties For Your Event

Three Considerations When Choosing Porta Potties For Your Event

21 January 2020
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Toilet facilities aren't exactly the most glamorous aspect of event planning, but they're certainly one of the most essential. Even if most people won't notice when you've done your job well, the consequences of a poor job can be particularly unpleasant. If this is your first time on portable restroom duty, then it may seem like a messy and complicated job. Thankfully, you won't have to get your hands dirty to knock your potty situation out of the park. Keep these three considerations in mind when selecting portable restrooms for your event and you'll be sure to keep your guests happy.

Know Your Attendance

If you take nothing else away from this article, then just remember this: attendance numbers are critical. The standard recommendation is one portable restroom per one hundred guests in attendance. This number should be treated as a minimum requirement for any event where restroom facilities will be provided. If you are not confident in your attendance estimates, then always err on the higher side. Underestimating your attendance and renting too few porta potties is one of the quickest paths to total disaster.

Know Your Attendees

Of course, you should also have a good feel for the guests that will be attending your event and the impression that you want to make. The standard, single porta potty is what most people picture when they think of portable restrooms. This basic option is cost-effective and works, but it certainly won't win any awards. For events with a large number of attendees or where higher-end service is not expected, this is a good option to control costs and meet your basic needs. If your event services a higher-end clientele, then upgrading to units with integrated sinks and flushable toilets can make a great impression.

Know Your Capabilities

Finally, be aware of your site's capabilities. The standard porta potty unit only needs to be dropped off and picked up, with nothing else required for either sanitation or operation. More advanced units often require on-site water or electricity, which can complicate the logistics of event planning. If you have generators or water tanks available at your site, then these options may work well and provide your guests with more comfortable facilities. If not, then standard chemical toilets are the way to go. Note that some rental companies can also provide water tanks, generators, or other infrastructure, so it is worth inquiring about these options if deluxe units are something you would like to use at your event.

It's easy to get yourself wrapped up in the more exciting aspects of event planning, but providing proper restroom facilities is vital for happy and comfortable guests. Keep these important considerations in mind so that you can work with a porta potty rental company to deliver the perfect solution for your event.

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