A Plumbing Backup Could Be A Sign Of A Septic Issue

A Plumbing Backup Could Be A Sign Of A Septic Issue

A Plumbing Backup Could Be A Sign Of A Septic Issue

17 January 2020
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When you are washing dishes and you notice that the water in the sink's basin is draining slowly, you may intitially think that the drain is clogged. If the water slowly seeps down the drain but then the bathtub or toilet appears to be clogged, this is an indication that a blockage has interfered with the septic tank or that the tank needs to be emptied.

Prepare For Your Service Call

Refrain from using much water in your home or flushing the toilet until you have had the septic line and tank inspected. This is a temporary inconvenience, but you may avoid an overflowing sink, tub, or toilet by doing so. A person who inspects and pumps residential tanks will meet you at your residence. After calling a business owner and setting up a time to have the issue addressed, straighten up the kitchen and bathroom and locate a bucket that can be used to disperse water through the toilet drain or down the drain of the tub or the sink.

If your septic tank is full and it needs to be pumped, you may be advised to dump a bucketful of water into a drain that was previously clogged to push air bubbles through the plumbing once the pumping process has been completed. Cleaning up your home isn't a necessity, but it will save you from embarrassment if you are concerned about the condition of your home's interior.

Follow The Orders Of The Technician

When a septic specialist arrives at your home, inform them of what has occurred. Provide them with a walkthrough of your home and point out the drains that aren't working properly. Let the person know about the backup of water into the tub when you were previously washing the dishes. The technician will head outdoors to locate the septic line and tank. After an initial assessment, which involves determining if the tank is at full capacity, the technician will either attempt to remove a blockage or empty the tank.

You may be advised to flush water through each drain in the house, so be prepared to follow the instructions that you are provided with. After the issue is remedied, test each drain in your home to ensure that they are all working thoroughly. Since dirty sink water previously backed up into the bathtub, use a sanitizing agent and a sponge to thoroughly clean out the tub.

To learn more, contact a company that offers residential septic services.

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