Factors To Consider To Determine How Often To Get Your Septic Pumped

Factors To Consider To Determine How Often To Get Your Septic Pumped

Factors To Consider To Determine How Often To Get Your Septic Pumped

16 January 2020
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The EPA reports that the average homeowner needs to have their septic tank pumped every three to five years. Do you pump yours this often? Do you even know how often you should pump yours? Every household is different, in terms of the frequency in which they need pumping services, and here are some of the factors that affect this schedule.

The size of the holding tank

While a standard septic holding tank is around 1,000 gallons in size, some are larger and some are smaller. The size of your tank will affect how often you need to pump it as a smaller tank will fill up faster. If you have a small tank, you might need to get it pumped every year, while a larger tank might need to be pumped only every three years or so. If you are not sure of the size, ask a septic tank company to tell you next time they pump it.

The people in your house and the amount of water you use

A second factor that will affect this is the number of people in your home and the way they use water. Do you have a lot of people living in your home? Do these individuals shower a lot and do a lot of dishes or laundry? If this is the case, your tank will fill up faster than it would if you have just one or two people living in your home. The amount of water you use highly affects how often you need your tank pumped.

The use of a garbage disposal

If you use a garbage disposal, it can also affect the frequency. The use of a garbage disposal sends food waste to the septic tank. Because of this, your tank will fill up faster if you use a garbage disposal compared to if you did not use one in your home.

The use of chemicals and cleaners

One last factor that many people do not know about is the use of chemicals and cleaners. If you use a lot of drain cleaners or cleaning supplies in your drains, you will likely need to have your tank pumped more often than if you did not use products like these.

After reading through these things, you might have a better understanding of how your habits and water use affect the schedule for septic tank pumping services. To get an accurate estimate of the frequency to have your tank pumped, contact a septic company in your town. 

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